How to Transport a Christmas Tree like an Expert

If you’re like a lot drivers, you love the idea of having a real tree at home for the holidays but aren’t quite sure how to transport a Christmas tree with your vehicle. Don’t worry; we have you covered with these simple tips for getting that tree home without the hassle.

how to transport a Christmas tree - Gossett Porsche - Memphis, TN


 One of the most important steps when transporting a Christmas tree is measuring beforehand. It’s crucial that you measure the space in which you intend to put the tree at home as well as the tree itself. There’s nothing worse than getting a tree all the way home only to find it won’t fit!


 Many tree nurseries will wrap your tree for you, but if the service is unavailable, it’s a good idea to wrap your chosen tree yourself before taking it home. This helps keep it in good shape during the ride and prevents you from having to deal with pine needles seemingly everywhere.


 You should always arrange the tree stump-forward on the top of your vehicle. This will prevent the wind from damaging the tree while you drive, ensuring that you have a whole tree when you get home.


 After the tree is chosen, wrapped, and arranged, it’s time to secure it to the roof of your car or SUV. You can tie it down with bungee cord, rope, or ratchet straps. No matter which you use, we recommend using at least three tie-downs to secure the top, bottom, and middle of the tree.

If you need any more tips for tree transport — or a new vehicle with which to get that tree home — stop into Gossett VW Porsche.

Do Your Vehicle a Favor by Making these Car Care New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is a perfect opportunity to refocus on what matters most in life. This year, give these car care New Year’s resolutions from Gossett VW Porsche a try and enjoy a healthy, happy vehicle!


Stay on top of your oil

Make the resolution to habitually change your oil this year. Before January even starts, plan out exactly when you’ll change your vehicle’s oil and challenge yourself to stick to the plan. This is an extremely easy and cheap way to greatly extend your car’s life and protect its resale value.


Don’t ignore the lights

If you’ve been driving around for a while with one or more warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, now’s the perfect time to actually address the problem. Whether it’s the check engine light or your tire pressure indicator, start the New Year fresh by taking care of old problems!

Car Care New Year’s Resolutions

Schedule seasonal check-ups

Perhaps it seems like a waste of money to have your car checked out if it’s not causing you any trouble, but regularly taking your car to a technician to get checked out will save you money in the end. When caught early, most car problems are much cheaper to fix than if you wait until something goes terribly wrong.


Most important, though, is resolving to drive safely and responsibly all year long. Doing so is the best way to protect your car, and everyone along for the ride.

Time-Saving Christmas Hacks for Busy People

If getting things in order before Christmas day arrives is stressing you out, you’re in luck. Use these easy Christmas hacks from Gossett VW Porsche and make preparing for the holidays a breeze this year!


Freeze whipped cream for a perfect hot chocolate topper

What’s better than a warm cup of hot chocolate on Christmas morning? This year, take things to the next level with some homemade hot chocolate toppers. All you need is some cookie cutters and room in the freezer.

 Christmas hacks

Reuse Thanksgiving decorations

Why put your Thanksgiving decorations away when you could use them again for Christmas? If you still have autumn gourds leftover, use some white paint to quickly turn them into festive winter snowmen. Of course, you might want to find something else if they’re starting to rot!


Pin the nose on the reindeer

Looking for an easy way to keep the kids out of the kitchen while you finish up the cooking? Repurpose an old tack board to create a fun “pin the nose on the reindeer” game that will keep the kids happy and busy while you finish up dinner.


If you’re short on time this holiday season, don’t sweat it—take advantage of these awesome Christmas hacks and get ready for the easiest holiday season ever.